The London Caviar Company takes pride in its commitment to sustainable Caviar farming, ensuring the longevity of this luxury delicacy without compromising environmental ethics.
Our Caviar is sourced from sturgeon farms that prioritise responsible practices, adhering to strict guidelines for conservation and biodiversity.
By utilising advanced aquaculture technology, the impact of Caviar production is minimised on the environment. The farms focus on reducing water usage, energy consumption and waste generation and the whole fish is utilised not just the roe.
The sturgeon are raised in controlled environments in The Thousand Island Lake which is 221 square miles of pristine water with a visibility of more than 7 metres the size of Singapore.
This is a Science based breeding model with a growth environment close to that of Mother Nature.
The fish were originally introduced from the Caspian Sea but are now bred on site.
Our supplier are a Sustainable Fisheries Industry and are Certified by “Friend of the Sea” of The World Sustainability Organisation since 2021 and their Certification number is FOS-148/21.
The sturgeon when processed is checked, re-rinsed, salted and sealed in less than 10 minutes.
Currently 30% of the Worlds Caviar production comes from The Thousand Island Lakes and is used by Lufthansa First Class, Cathay Pacific, Emirates and Qatar Airlines.
Twenty one of the twenty-six 3* Michelin restaurants in Paris use this Caviar and Legendary Chef Alain Ducasse has said this is the Best Caviar in World!
London Caviar are delighted to offer this delicious World Class luxury at an affordable price!