Caviar Masterclass

Delight your family, friends, or clients with an exceptional caviar masterclass expertly hosted by London Caviar. This exclusive event promises to be educational but also fun and interactive, perfect for any group looking to deepen their understanding and appreciation of luxury caviar. Hosted by one of our seasoned caviar connoisseurs, the masterclass can be arranged at your home or office, making it a convenient and memorable affair.

During the masterclass, participants can sample three of London Caviar’s most cherished varieties: Baerri, Royal Imperial, and Oscietra. Each variety has been carefully selected to provide guests with a broad range of flavours and textures, showcasing the diversity and richness of our caviar collection. Designed for groups of ten or more, our masterclasses are ideal for special occasions, corporate events, or as a gourmet treat for caviar enthusiasts.

Our caviar masterclasses are available across several regions, including Greater London, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, and Surrey, providing flexibility and accessibility for attendees in these areas. Each session is led by knowledgeable experts passionate about caviar and eager to share their insights on the intricacies of caviar selection, tasting techniques, and perfect pairings.

To ensure a personalised and engaging experience, our caviar experts will guide you through the history of caviar, its production processes, and the sustainable practices that London Caviar champions. Participants will learn how to discern the subtle differences between caviar types and how to enjoy them best, making the masterclass enjoyable and enriching.

Booking a caviar masterclass with London Caviar is simple. Please call us at 07814 631207 or email to check availability and discuss your requirements. Whether for a special celebration or a unique team-building event, our caviar masterclasses offer an unparalleled opportunity to dive into the world of luxury caviar right in the comfort of your chosen venue.

Embrace the opportunity to transform any gathering into a sophisticated culinary event with London Caviar. Discover the world of caviar through our expert-led masterclasses and treat your guests to an unforgettable luxury experience that educates, entertains, and excites them.