About Us

Discover the pinnacle of luxury with London Caviar, an innovative venture founded in 2021 by three passionate friends determined to transform the traditionally exclusive and costly caviar market. At London Caviar, we believe that the joy of savouring the finest delicacies should be accessible to everyone.

Explore our exceptional array of caviar, including the distinguished Beluga Caviar, all sourced responsibly from sustainable farms across the globe. Our commitment to quality, coupled with our focus on affordability, allows us to make the luxurious experience of caviar available to a broader audience.

London Caviar is not just a purveyor of fine seafood; we are pioneers aiming to revolutionise the caviar experience, making it inclusive and enjoyable for all. Whether you are a devoted connoisseur or a curious newcomer eager to explore, our meticulously curated collection invites you to experience unparalleled luxury.

Every tin we offer reflects our dedication to sustainability, underscoring our commitment to responsible sourcing and environmental care. We greatly value your feedback, which helps us continually improve your experience and ensures our practices align with our high standards.

To further enhance our customer's experience, we host various caviar tasting events and culinary workshops. These events provide an educational platform for enthusiasts to learn about the different types of caviar, their origins, and the best ways to enjoy them. Our expert team leads these sessions, offering insights into pairing caviar with wines and other gourmet foods, which empowers our customers to host their own caviar tastings and elevate their dining occasions.

Moreover, we actively collaborate with renowned chefs and leading restaurants to introduce innovative caviar-based dishes that capture the imagination and palates of diners. These partnerships not only broaden the reach of our exquisite caviar but also help to set culinary trends, showcasing the versatility and luxury of caviar in contemporary cuisine. By integrating caviar into a variety of dining contexts, from casual brunches to high-end banquets, we continue to redefine how this traditional delicacy is perceived and enjoyed.

We take pride in our commitment to sustainability, ensuring that every tin of caviar reflects our dedication to responsible sourcing. Your feedback is invaluable to us as we strive to continually enhance your caviar journey.

Welcome to London Caviar—where passion meets affordability, and every indulgence becomes a moment to savor.

For inquiries, reach out to us at customerservice@londoncaviarcompany.com . Your journey into the world of caviar awaits.