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Baerii Caviar

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Introducing our Baerii Caviar – a true gem in the world of culinary luxury that effortlessly bridges the gap between accessibility and sophistication. Originating from the pristine waters where the Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser Baerii) thrives, our Baerii Caviar is a testament to the exquisite bounty of nature, meticulously curated for the discerning palate.

Celebrated for its medium-sized, glistening pearls, Baerii Caviar offers a sensory journey with each bead. Its flavour profile is a masterful balance of a clean, crisp brininess intertwined with subtle, buttery undertones, making every bite a revelation in taste. With their distinctive dark to slate-grey hue, the pearls provide a visually appealing addition to any dish and enhance the overall gourmet experience with their deep, rich colours.

Baerii Caviar stands as an exceptional choice within the realm of luxury gastronomy. It represents an accessible yet undeniably refined option for enthusiasts looking to embark on their journey into the exquisite world of caviar. Whether you are a seasoned connoisseur or a newcomer eager to explore the nuances of fine dining, Baerii Caviar invites you to discover the depth and complexity of its flavours.

Elevate your dining experiences with the distinctive taste and affordable luxury of Baerii Caviar from London Caviar. Our commitment to quality and sustainability ensures that each tin offers a meal and an unforgettable experience, blending tradition with innovation to satisfy the modern gourmet's appetite. Dive into the opulent world of caviar with London Caviar's Baerii variety and transform ordinary moments into occasions of culinary delight.

Elevate your dining moments with the distinctive taste and affordable opulence of Baerii Caviar from London Caviar.

All our caviar has a 4 month fridge life is kept unopened. Once opened all caviar should be consumed within 48 hours. 

Please note ours images are for illustration only, sizes and product look vary.

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